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Surprise scrap bag! 

Who doesn’t like a surprise! 🎉🎊

Our FLYbag2go is filled with 4-5 different prints, trims or patches that were hand selected by our amazing team! 
Most fabrics are limited or EXCLUSIVE and have never made it on our site! You may find a few of your favorites in there as well!
Grab your FLYNESS to go! 

Each individual fabric or trim will measure by the yard, patches = 1 piece 

-Small Bag: 4-6 pieces | 1-2 yards a piece

-Large Bag: 6-8 pieces |  2-3 yards a piece

Picked from a selection of different prints, textures, patches, or trims *You never know what’s inside!! 

 No two scrap bags are the same! How cool is that?!!


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